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Whether you have problems sleeping, want to stop smoking, reduce anxiety, overcome a phobia, shed some weight or start performing at your best, Emma Greenstein Hypnotherapy can help.


In the hypnotic state you are deeply relaxed. Your conscious mind is quieted allowing your unconscious mind to deeply focus on your issues. You are calmer and therefore more receptive to positive change. You will be able to achieve a state during hypnosis where you can resolve any difficulties and challenges.


I have over thirty years experience in the field of mental health and wellbeing.

I gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy in 1998 and I am and certified practitioner of hypnotherapy, having successfully completed three hypnotherapy qualifications by training with and learning from the very best in the industry. I have gained a Professional Diploma in Hypnotherapy with the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy; a certificate from the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy (MMHA) in Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis and I am a Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy with Ali Campbell Training.

I can guide and empower you to make a variety of personal changes which will enable you to live the life you want to live.


What are you waiting for?

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I am based in the UK and I work online using Zoom or Teams.

Sessions last for 50-90 minutes and fees can be discussed during a free 15 minute 'discovery' consultation.

Appointments are available in the day and evenings during the week and in the day on Saturday.


It’s my aim to get results for you in as few sessions as possible. Many people only need two or three sessions. For some, one session is enough to resolve the issue.


I have a particular passion for helping people overcome their fears and anxieties to live life free from fear and limitations. My other main area of interest is weight management.

For weight loss I offer a package of four sessions.

When working with you, I will carefully guide you to help you achieve a state of hypnosis where you will be empowered to achieve positive, effective, lasting change. 


When in hypnosis you will be very relaxed yet aware of what is happening.  


You are always in control. 



Weight loss

I came to Emma Greenstein for help with weight gain. Over lockdown I had got into bad habits over portion control and snacking. My weight had crept up and I was having difficulty finding the willpower to eat healthily.

Emma was really professional and approachable, and I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with her, which were extremely relaxing. I quickly abandoned the bad habits I had got into and the pounds started to fall away. I started to feel much more energetic and the whole process felt effortless.

I would highly recommend Emma to anyone who would like to try hypnotherapy. I felt in very safe hands and am thrilled with the results.

Miri Lawrence

Stress relief

I have had the pleasure of having several hypnotherapy sessions with Emma. I can honestly say, hand on heart, how much she has helped me. Over the past few years, I have had many struggles with personal family issues which caused me stress and was becoming to affect my mental and physical health. Over the sessions Emma taught me the "tools" to deal with this which I have learned to apply moving forward. Emma is a kind caring professional lady who is sensitive to your needs. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Carol Wood

Anxiety and nightmares

I can’t express my thanks to Emma highly enough.    With her calm, kind demeanour and her incredibly soothing voice she instantly put me at my ease and helped me to deal with the dreadful debilitating anxiety I was experiencing following a very stressful string of events in my life.   After just one session I felt calmer, my sleep was much improved and, most importantly for me, a particularly painful and haunting incident no longer prompted nightmares. A few more sessions with Emma and I now feel better equipped to deal with stressful and negative thoughts and situations without getting into a flap.  I am so much more focused and relaxed.

I have no hesitation in recommending Emma.  She is professional, empathetic, patient, and non-judgemental.

Sarah Pilgrim

High blood pressure & anxiety

I've had the privilege of having a number of sessions with Emma to help with my anxiety and high blood pressure in pregnancy.

After each session I felt very calm & relaxed. Emma listens to your needs and is extremely kind, approachable, and professional.  

I have no hesitation in recommending Emma!

Thank you so much for all your help!

Ria Nelms

Bird phobia

I had a fear of birds trapped in the house. After only one session with Emma, my reaction to the next bird was completely different. My heart did not speed up and there were no symptoms of even mild anxiety! I could go into the room, open the doors and windows, and still not lose my composure. Amazing!

The session was calm and enjoyable. Thank you so much, Emma!

Juliette Adair

Building confidence

I've had a couple of sessions with Emma to help subside my fears when riding, which developed after an accident. 

Emma has been fab and the sessions have really helped me to be able to ride with confidence.

Thank you, Emma.

Helen Jackman

“Emma’s sessions and her targeted support have really helped me to achieve my goals. The sessions are skilfully focused on the individual’s aspirations and there is no element of judgement. Emma is fantastic at putting you at ease and as other reviewers have commented her voice quickly soothes you into going with the flow of her process. I sincerely recommend you giving it a go!

Thank you, Emma!"

Susan Shillabear


See for yourself

Amy -free from fear

My life had become full of fear which included avoiding trains, planes and elevators. I hadn’t flown or travelled by train for 8 years. With Emma, I was able to get to the core of the issue and rework my thoughts. I have since seeing Emma taken two flights, which I enjoyed, numerous lifts and train journeys. Emma, who is so warm and empathetic,  has absolutely transformed my life, I cannot recommend her enough.


Thank you so much, you really are incredible!

Claire -free to drive

I want to say a huge “Thank you!” to Emma. I was nervous about my hypnotherapy session but Emma is a lovely, warm, empathic person with great listening skills, who explained everything very clearly, put me at ease and made the whole process unexpectedly fun! I’d spent decades being anxious about driving, particularly in new areas or ‘tricky’ conditions, but recent life events have made driving much more of a necessity for me. I knew it was time to tackle my fears, and Emma not only gave me the tools to calm myself, both before and during my car journeys, but also gave me a whole new perspective on my anxiety and my patterns of behaviour. After one session with Emma I felt much more confident, relaxed and ‘in control’ when driving, and my anxiety has melted away. It’s been a revelation! I’d recommend Emma very highly to anyone considering hypnotherapy to deal with anxiety.

Andrew -free from anxiety

Emma is phenomenal. She has a warmth and kindness that made me feel secure and that I could trust her 100%.
My feelings of overwhelm and anxiety were building up and spilling over, affecting my confidence and bravery in everyday life, but in just two sessions, Emma has enabled me to let go of all of it.
After 1 session, I immediately felt a huge sense of relief, more positive and more resilient, and after a follow-up session, I feel calm, energised and actually excited to take on new challenges. I can honestly say that through hypnosis with Emma, my life will be immeasurably better. I cannot thank her enough.


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